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Check out some testimonials from our current clients. At Fast File, we are 100% committed to providing you with the highest quality billing solutions. Our current clients love what we do, and we're sure that you will, too.

Medical Billing
Dr. Stephen Braun,
Southampton Osteopathy

"Since the inception of our business, Fast File has made developing our business a success and a joy. Their highly personal style of communication allows excellent and timely access to resolve any issues that arise. In addition, they are able to accurately predict the up and down ticks of my business. 


The extensive experience with billing matters is effectively coupled with accounting and computer programming expertise. This combination is altogether unique. It is this combination that allows us to explore additional business ideas as well as get a second opinion when we are unsure which route to take. 


If you decide to do business with Fast File, it is an experience that is bound to enrich your life."


-Dr. Braun

"Fast File is more than just a billing service, they provide excellent services and expert management solutions for Physicians and other Professional Practioners.  Their work has helped my business grow, and given me the freedom to develop new and innovative roles in a changing healthcare environment.  I highly recommend David's work."


-Maria Basile, MD

President Suffolk County Medical Society

Assistant VP Medical Affairs, John T Mather Memorial Hospital



"As VP & CIO I have had the opportunity to work with many Physicians' billing companies and I have found most burden the client with higher cost because of a failure to utilize technology and because of a failure to understand the importance of the revenue cycle.  What Fast File Excells at with his unique knowledge of RC and technology is leveraging them both to help improve revenue to his clients, timely payments, and reduce costs to clients.  This is something I think is very unique to the business he runs and I have not come accross at other companies."


-William Bifulco

Experienced VP, CIO and CTO, Bifulco and Associates, Inc.


















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